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We believe in technological innovation and understand the disruptive potential of blockchain technology

Who are we?

Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the regulatory environment, delivers dynamic, tailor-made solutions that are designed to ensure that companies are fully compliant with the law, alert, current and proactive

Our mission

To provide valuable compliance services to fin-tech companies in Estonia by offering a full spectrum of management services

Our vision

To support the adoption of blockchain technology, helping entrepreneurs to innovate while complying with legal requirements

Our goal

To help companies achieve complex compliance obligations under Estonian regulatory compliance requirements


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NFT Company in Estonia

Why should you consider Estonia?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, or businesses looking to launch a company or project using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) consistently consider company registration in Estonia.

Many new founders enjoy Estonia because of its digitally advanced ecosystem, where e-services are available 24/7 and you can do almost everything online: whether it is creating your company in a day or doing your taxes in less than ten minutes. Estonian e-Residency program introduced in 2014 enables you to run your business fully from abroad.

Estonia provides a unique ecosystem and legal framework for NFT companies, which makes it a great place to start your business, test your ideas and then scale globally. A good jurisdiction that is supported by a strong fintech and startup community is perfect for the creation of a good NFT project.

What's included?

If you are interested in setting up your NFT startup or launching your token, you may find beneficial forming your NFT company in Estonia

Fully operational NFT marketplace

What's included?

If you are planning to launch an NFT marketplace, you can opt for our fully operational marketplace package

Reach out to us to get a full description of the platform characteristics and features

Cost-effective and ready-to-deploy

An NFT marketplace is a platform that connects content creators with NFT buyers and NFT sellers. Its development project lasts appr. 4-6 months from the discovery stage through to the launch and the average cost is about EUR 150,000. The cost can vary depending on individual requirements of your project.

A white label NFT marketplace is a pre-built, multi-tested, and ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace platform. In other words, a white label NFT marketplace is a customizable NFT marketplace website built with cutting-edge blockchain technology that allows you to trade NFTs at ease.

Before launching a marketplace you’ll also need to form a corporate entity. This will offer your business the most substantial liability protection, greater ability and credibility when seeking financing from external sources.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency accounting

We got you covered

Our parent company is one of the first consulting firms in Estonia that has been working with cryptocurrency entrepreneurs since 2017 and the first firm to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for professional services.

While many new consulting and accounting firms are scrambling to learn about cryptocurrency accounting, our firm has navigated the cryptocurrency landscape as it has developed since the beginning.

At present our clients are primarily players of the crypto industry who want to raise capital legally and transparently through ICO or STO fundraisers, operate regulated cryptocurrency exchanges or NFT marketplaces, provide wallet services, or create cryptocurrency exchanges based on their own algorithms.

Whether you are just getting started with cryptocurrency investing or business, are using decentralized exchanges, investing in NFTs, generating NFTs, algorithmic trading, mining, staking or anything in between our team has seen it all and has you covered.

What's included?

We have the skills and depth of service to address even your most complex business, investment, and personal cryptocurrency accounting needs.

To receive a fee quote, please contact us and we will prepare an offer for you according to the number of transactions in your company.

Legal & compliance advice

Our crypto lawyers have advised more than 170 fin-tech companies in Estonia since 2017. Our assistance in this field is comprehensive: from legal consulting and documents drafting to applying to regulatory authorities and courts.

NFT projects

Advising with launching an NFT company / project / trading platform

Crypto licenses

Assistance with obtaining cryptocurrency wallet and exchange licenses

ICOs and STOs

Ensuring compliance of token offerings with the Estonian laws