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AML training and practical compliance solutions for Estonian companies

Who we are

Our purpose is to make every day better through solutions that count. Everything we do is inspired by our company values – bold, open and trusted – along with our business principles, and a clear focus on putting our customers first. Our customer-led, compliance-first strategy is all about delivering a standout customer experience and helping our customers to get the most out of their business.

Our vision is to provide valuable, practical compliance services to fin-tech companies by offering a full spectrum of management services to companies that are incorporated, or, considering to start-up in Estonia. Our ultimate goal is to help companies achieve complex compliance obligations under Estonian regulatory compliance requirements.

Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the regulatory environment, delivers dynamic, tailor-made solutions that are designed to ensure that companies are fully compliant with the law, alert, current and proactive. This has resulted in establishing over 100+ companies with financial service licenses.

We are eager, available and open to discuss your requirements.

Licence nr FIU000385

We have an official licence required to incorporate and take care of your compliance in Estonia as required by the legislation

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  • Legal and practical assistance with: 
    • Share capital increase procedure
    • Arranging the appointment of the external and internal auditors
    • Updating the company’s current rules of procedure, and risk assessment policies (tailor-made solutions based on the company’s business model)
    • The process of preparing the company’s IT-related documents (description of IT systems, other technological means, procedures necessary for the provision of the planned services, including a description of the security measures used to ensure the continuity of the service and the protection of customer assets, a description of business continuity measures)
    • Assistance with recruitment of the Member of the Board
    • Assistance with recruitment of FIU contact person, training and coaching
    • Company formation and structuring (if required)
  • Review of the business plan with practical recommendations according to the legal requirements
  • Preparation of the necessary agreements and other legal documentation
  • Submitting all necessary documentation to the regulator
  • Consultancy and legal advice

We kindly ask you to share more information about your business (client portfolio, targeted markets, approx. volume, IT systems, existing KYC service providers) to get a quotation. To set up an initial interview, please contact us

  • AML and KYC training for obtaining an Estonian financial activity service licence
  • Training related to the company’s compliance with applicable legislation
  • Ad hoc compliance training
  • Consultations
  • Legal advice
  • Commencement of challenge proceedings
    This is an administrative procedure the purpose of which is to verify the legality of a given administrative act or performed act or of the refusal, delay or inaction thereof, as well as the non-examination of the application, and to apply a legal remedy. Due to our experience in communicating with licencing administrations, we can provide the client with high-quality legal advice to resolve the situation.
  • Court representation

Our tasks are:

  • To find and recruit a person who has the necessary knowledge that fits the needs of the company
  • Full training of the candidate. The goal is to match the candidate with AML requirements and FIU conditions for such a position
  • Legal advice up to 4 hours in the first month after receiving the licenses
  • The whole process would start with a practical assessment based on the client’s specifics
  • We evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s current rules of procedure, internal control rules and the client’s due diligence measures
  • We propose recommendations based on our audit in cooperation with the client
  • After the final evaluation, an updated version of the rules of procedures is prepared and handed over to the client

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We are eager, available and open to discuss your requirements