Company Principal Service for an Estonian Company

Using a company principal service for your Estonian company can save time, money and effort needed to manage your business from abroad. This is because issuing notarized documents to carry out actions locally cannot be performed without visiting Estonia or with an e-Residency card. Even if you have an e-Residency card, dealing with local authorities can be troublesome due to the possible language barrier.

This means that if you constantly need to communicate with the Estonian Border and Customs Board, with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, with Finantsinspektsioon, or with any other governmental agency, your company will have a local person that can facilitate the communication between them and your company. Thus, using a Company Principal Service can make your local management, decision and action taking processes a lot more streamlined and easier.

Regulatory Compliance Associates is eager, available, and open to discuss your requirements – please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Need Help with Representation in Estonia? RCA Can Help You Out!

RCA is licensed trust and corporate service provider, authorized to provide company management services in Estonia and is supervised by Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. Furthermore, our Company Principal Service contract outlines and clearly states our rights, obligations, and responsibilities. However, it is very important for you to know that our employee will not be able to take any action without your knowledge or consent and will take any management decisions.

As our employee will only be a second Director or a second Member of the Board, our employee will have the rights to represent the company in concluding all transactions related to economic activities and will be listed as a management board member along with the main Director/Board Member in the Estonian e-Business Register. Being listed on the e-Business Register makes our employee a legal representative of the company and can represent the company locally in all matters without a notarized Power of Attorney making it a hassle-free solution to manage an Estonian company remotely.

In case you wish for your Estonian company to have a second director or a second member of the Board to take care of representing your company here in Estonia, please feel free to reach out to us and ask for a quote.

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