Meet our partners

Regulatory Compliance Associates works together with innovative industry-leading companies to address complex compliance and regulatory challenges that businesses face in today’s world.

Incorporate is a well-established corporate service provider providing global entrepreneurs a full range of company formation and management services, including but not limited to company set-up, accounting, legal address/contact person, secretarial services, tax and legal consultations etc.

Their team consists of professional advisors, lawyers and accountants serving entrepreneurs from 60+ countries.

Sumsub is an all-in-one technical and legal toolkit to cover KYC/KYB/AML needs. The company provides a powerful platform for converting customers, speeding up verification, reducing costs, and detecting digital fraud.

Sumsub’s global clientele, based in over 200 different jurisdictions, are able to meet financial requirements and expand to new regions thanks to top-notch technology and legal support.