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Regulatory Compliance Associates works together with innovative industry-leading companies to address complex compliance and regulatory challenges that businesses face in today’s world.

ComplyRadar is our real-time transaction monitoring solution which provides businesses looking for an AML solution with a rock-solid platform. Through the use of AI, Behavioural Analytics and Machine Learning, we are able to detect suspicious activity providing analysts with the tools to effectively monitor and react to risky transactions in real-time whilst reducing false positives and avoiding hefty fines.

ComplyRadar utilises a full risk-based approach to eliminate disruption to genuine customers, detect potential criminal behaviour, and demonstrate full ongoing compliance. It sends you notifications on the transactions that matter and enables you to automatically apply a full-pattern analysis to instantly see suspicious transactions in real time.

You can then manage flagged transactions through a comprehensive review process leading to the filing of a SAR when required.

Sumsub is an all-in-one technical and legal toolkit to cover KYC/KYB/AML needs. The company provides a powerful platform for converting customers, speeding up verification, reducing costs, and detecting digital fraud.

Sumsub’s global clientele, based in over 200 different jurisdictions, are able to meet financial requirements (FCA, CySec, MAS, FINMA, BAFIN, etc.) and expand to new regions thanks to top-notch technology and legal support.

Sumsub clients include BlaBlaCar, Gett, ESL Gaming, JobToday, Wheely,, Decta, Exness, WebPay, FXOpen, Maxi Partners, Bank Dobrobyt, and others. In 2020, Sumsub entered a series A funding round led by MetaQuotes.

Awards: Benzinga Global Fintech Awards 2018, The UK Startups 100 2020, PwC nomination for ‘The best use of tech award’.

MAP S.Platis is a leading financial services consulting Group with clients that include regulators, banks, funds and fund managers, investment firms, brokers, fintech firms, insurance firms and payment and electronic money institutions.

Our expert team, currently comprising over 400 high-calibre professionals, provides unique and tailored solutions in licensing, regulatory compliance, risk management, internal audit, human resources, regulatory technology, information technology, business resilience, information security including cybersecurity, governance, executive training and innovation consulting to financial and other firms in the UK, Cyprus, Hong Kong and the EU.

Thanks to our vast regulatory compliance experience in supporting local and international financial services institutions, continued interaction with regulatory authorities, multidisciplinary and diverse team of professionals, unparalleled track record, global network of associates and wealth of resources, our internationally recognised and award-winning team can support any client’s needs efficiently and effectively.

The London Governance and Compliace Academy (LGCA) is a multi-accredited UK learning provider for professional financial education, specialising in the areas of governance, risk, compliance, and cybersecurity.

LGCA is an accredited training partner (ATP) of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), offering fully online training courses for a great number of CISI qualifications.

In addition to the CISI, the LGCA is also an accredited training institution the International Governance & Compliance Association (IGCA), the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and an accredited training provider of EXIN.

LGCA is a member of the APCC (Association of Professional Compliance Consultants) as well as a CPD Certified Member. LGCA is part of the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) Group, one of Europe’s leading institutions for certified and executive education.

AML Qualification provider

The International Governance & Compliance Association (IGCA) is a non-for-profit global professional accreditation and certification organisation, as well as a networking platform.

The IGCA’s aim is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences among compliance, risk, cybersecurity, and governance professionals.

IGCA’s aspiration is to keep growing the GRCC community of professionals to ensure multi-jurisdictional regulatory compliance in financial services and to share values, experience, expertise and opportunities, while improving the integrity of the global financial services industry.

GDPR Register is a SaaS solution helping companies to create and maintain compliance documentation and registers required by GDPR. Such include a register of data processing activities, breach register, register of data processing agreements, document templates, task management and a lot more to help you be in control of your everyday privacy compliance operations.

We are here to change the way how privacy compliance procedures should work. No more boring tricky spreadsheets no one can understand or 1001-step procedures! GDPR Register is a simple and clear easy-to-use tool that helps anyone handling personal data to meet GDPR requirements.

See our website to learn more.

Verifo provides financial services to corporate and private clients inside and outside of Europe. We have a clear and simple purpose – enabling our customers to manage their funds efficiently and securely.

The services we provide are tailored to solve modern-day international business problems. From opening European IBANs to making reliable international transfers.

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